Helpful First Aid Apps

Today for Workshop Wednesday we've found some really helpful applications for your phone around first aid which might just help you in an emergency situation.

Over to Zane and Alice

Why do we need first aid applications? Well when you do a first aid course your knowledge of the processes and way to do things is fresh in your mind but as time goes on and we don't have the opportunity to use that knowledge we can quickly forget it. So 6 months or a year down the track when something happens and we need those skills we can get things a bit mixed up, was it 30 times a minute with 2 breaths or 15 times and 1 breath? Pack, wrap and.... what?

This is where an app can be really helpful, it's not there to do all the work for you, but it is there to give you a refresher so when something happens, get your phone out, open the app and be reminded on what to do.

First Aid Apps

  • New Zealand Red Cross
    The Red Cross has a really great First Aid App for help when administering (you guessed it!) first aid.
    It covers emergency situations like asthma attacks, bleeding, burns, broken bones, unconsciousness, heart attacks, poisoning and plenty of other scenarios. There are also has quizzes so you can keep yourself in the loop and have the knowledge fresh in your mind. What's more it has a whole section around preparing for natural disaster emergencies. It is a great little app with a wealth of knowledge!
    You can get the NZ Red Cross App for free from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad and from the Google Play Store on an Android Device.
  • St John New Zealand
    The St John App is all about CPR. It gives you a step by step tutorial on how to do CPR correctly on an adult, child and infant. It follows the D.R.S.A.B.C.D. process and even has a timer for how often to push down while doing CPR. 30 times and two breaths. It also has a detailed tutorial on how to use an AED or defibrillator. Another really helpful application. You can download the St John app for free from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad and from the Google Play Store on an Android Device.

Well there you have it! Two really cool apps to help you up skill your first aid knowledge. Because you never know, you might just need to save someone's life one day.
That's Workshop Wednesday for another week. See you next Wednesday!

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