Cherrie from Toyota NZ

Who knew running a simple Hazard Hunt could do so much good!
We visited Cherrie who coordinates PeopleSafe at Toyota and found out how a simple exercise could change the health and safety culture of a whole warehouse of workers. 

Special thanks to Cherrie at Toyota New Zealand

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Cherrie - Office Services Team Leader
So my name's Cherrie, and I work for Toyota New Zealand.
My job is to look after the facilities and manage the health and safety for our site.
When we first started with PeopleSafe, we wanted to ensure that the warehouse, which is our largest risk area, was more engaged, and we wanted to make them more aware that actually just because we've been doing the same thing for 20 years doesn't mean we're doing it the safest and the right way, because along that 20 years, we've changed processes. We've got faster machinery. There's all sorts of things we've changed, which we have to manage on a daily basis.

So the Hazard Hunt was a way to get everyone involved, right from the guy who sweeps the floor right up to the management in the warehouse.
So we to put them into teams.
We sent them out with the knowledge that the more hazards you find, the more prizes you'll get.
And Toyota was graceful enough to give us some fantastic prizes to encourage the guys to get out there.
And we sent them out with some signs to look at what the severity of the hazard might be, so if you actually hurt yourself, what was the likelihood that one, you would need first aid; two, a doctor's visit; three, a hospital visit, or even a funeral visit. So it was a really simple way for them to go out.

So they went out with cameras and had five minutes in every area of the warehouse. At the end of that, they came back with an overwhelming amount of hazards, and they even surprised themselves about how unsafe some of the things they were doing on a daily basis were. So it was really cool because they actually were like, wow, we've been doing this, and we've been doing it the wrong way.

Dylan - Parts Warehouse
Well, before the Hazard Hunt I guess, you know, you thought it was someone else's responsibility to go and make sure it was safe. But the Hazard Hunt was pretty fun, going and finding the hazards, and I feel like it's a lot more upon you to report them now.

Warren - Parts Warehouse, Team Leader
We did the team walk around and made the staff very aware and gave them a voice to give us the news on safety issues. 

Cherrie - Office Services Team Leader
So out of that, we then got them to be involved in the controls for the first risks that they found. And we've now set them up in the same teams that they were, and they're responsible for the hazards in their areas for a month at a time. And so it's their job to tap the guy on the shoulder if they're in the area doing something dumb. Hey, mate, I don't want any accidents. Or this is not how we do things in this area.

So it's great because the guys who were never involved because it was someone else's job to check those hazard areas every three months, it's now their job, and they actually enjoy doing it. They've just taken it all on board more than we could ever have imagined. And yeah, they're great.

We've had an increase in our near miss reporting. It's almost like we've taken away this "I don't want to report a near miss because it might make me look bad" to "the more near misses I can report, the safer my team are." So it was great. We now have to put the ownership on these guys and make them realise actually I need to take care of myself, and I need to take care of my mate.

Dylan - Parts Warehouse
Well, I mean, myself, I'm always noticing stuff around me now, and I think everyone else is kind of doing it. So if everyone does that and keeps doing it, it'll be safer because we'll find all the hazards and new hazards that may come about and stuff like that. 

Cherrie - Office Services Team Leader
Every day they're coming up with new ways and safer ways to do the jobs that they're doing. So it's really exciting.

It's been really cool.

Brandon Lauridsen