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How does Innovation and Health and Safety Work?

WorkSafe now has a Cheif Advisor Innovation who is tasked with looking at ways to improve the performance of H&S in New Zealand Workplaces.

Innovation, really… that doesn’t sound like the remit of a Government Regulator. I talked to the team at WorkSafe and managed to get hold of the guy that got the Job, Daniel Hummerdal and talk to him about what this Innovation thing was really about.

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SafePlus launches new Performance Improvement Tool

WorkSafe, ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have all had input into the creation of SafePlus which is all about helping business get a handle on how well they’re performing in relation to Health and Safety in their business. We’re not talking about form filling or audits here (so I found out).

I caught up with Jennie from WorkSafe mainly to work what this was all about, if it was big brother keeping an eye on us, or was it really a way to see how a business could make things safer? (SPOILER - turns out it really is about making things safer)

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