The video Facebook banned: How a Camera almost crashed a jet plane!

Earlier this year we did a Workshop Wednesday on how a camera nearly crashed a RAFJet plane. However for unknown reasons when we posted it to Facebook they didn't seem to like it and the following day it was gone and banned. 

So we thought its about time people saw it because apart from a plane nearly crashing there is nothing to bad in it, and it can teach us a bit about having the right gear and managing risks in your workplace.

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The pilot was taking some photos, put his camera down which got jammed in the controls making the plane drop a few thousand feet before they recovered and levelled off. During this time people came out of their seats, all sorts of stuff in the cabin was flying round and the copilot was experiencing weightlessness and was on the cabin roof trying to get the plane back to being horizontal.

I guess there are two main points here, maybe a third.

  1. Make sure the stuff that you bring into your work environment won't interfere with the work you do. So in our story the pilot had a bulky camera with him which got some controls jammed. If the camera wasn't there, or if it was smaller, or if the pilot had a better place for it, it may not have happened. Its all about managing risks in your workplace, and when we say risks we aren't just talking about the ones that are already there, you need look at and manage the risks you and your workmates bring in or create.
  2. You should always wear your seatbelt. The passengers and copilot thought that nothing was going to happen, but with a simple mistake they were lifted from their seats with stuff being thrown around the plane. Now before you go, but thats a plane, this rule goes for cars as well, while you may be a safe driver and would never cause a crash, there are a lot of things that could happen which could lead to an accident, so it pays to wear a seatbelt just in case.
  3. As Zane mentioned, if your camera is big enough to get stuck in flight controls maybe you should get a smaller camera.

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