The PeopleSafe Big Breakfast

Would you like PCBU with that?

Are you a PCBU? Have you got a handle of what due diligence is? Do you know about this thing called worker participation? These were the main topics of conversation at the PeopleSafe Big Breakfast. Over 500 business owners, directors and staff turned up to hear Penny Swarbrick (Swarbrick Beck Mackinon) and I (Zane Yates, CEO of PeopleSafe) work out what it meant in practical terms.

The main takeaways for people were:

  • That everyone has to make sure that they are doing the right things for their staff and their business
  • You need to involve staff (workers) a whole heap more
  • You need to be much more proactive in managing the risks

While we talked about lots of this stuff that is in place now under the current legislation, the reforms make things a lot clearer.

So why run a Big Breakfast?

PeopleSafe put the event on to help answer some questions and remove some of the mystery around the changes. As a software as a service business, we get asked lots of questions about safety and what's coming up. So many in fact that we thought getting everyone together to talk about it in one place might be great use of everyone's time.

The feedback we have had has been amazing, so thanks to everyone that came along. The main question we’re getting asked is when should I start getting this stuff sorted? Our answer is NOW, like right now! We find the most successful businesses treat safety as an ongoing thing that everyone is involved in, not a one off task that happens just after someone has been hurt.

Our passion is to help inspire businesses to do the right things. This means knowing that all staff are trained for the work they are doing. That the gear they use is up to specification and any checks needed are done. We reckon that most businesses actually know what the right things to do are, just sometimes we get busy, forget, or take shortcuts “just this once”.  

With the law aside, we think it’s a businesses role to work together with their staff to make sure the work done is safe. We are seeing tens of thousands of people use PeopleSafe as a platform to make a difference in their business, which is really quite cool!

If you missed the event you can check it out below.

Zane Yates
CEO & Founder

Videos from the PeopleSafe Big Breakfast

Watch the Full PeopleSafe Big Breakfast (49:09)

For anyone who missed the breakfast or those that want to go back and check out what was discussed.

Question & Answer time (16:15)

Over half the attendees stayed for an in-depth question and answer time with Penny around the new Health & Safety law.

Highlights from the PeopleSafe Big Breakfast