60 Rugby Teams worth of workers are killed every year! What?!

That's right, around 60 rugby teams worth of workers are killed at work or from illnesses caused by the work they do every year in New Zealand. Just a bit of maths here, that's around 900 people or 2.5 people per day. Ridiculous!

Imagine the outrage if 60 rugby teams were killed; it would be headline news and no expense would be spared to make the sport safer. Sadly there hasn't been that same level of outrage and action for the 900ish people killed at work. But good news, something is being done about it.
Watch the video and check out more below.

What is happening to make work safer

So soon after the Pike River mine disaster a few years back the Government has been coming up with ideas and solutions, they have resulted in:

  • 188 pages of new safety law, to help people stay safe
  • 100 new H&S Inspectors with WorkSafe to make sure that work sites across New Zealand are safe, and to tell people off if they aren't.
  • Up to 5 years jail time and up to $3 million for reckless behaviour, as an incentive not to be reckless and seriously injure or kill people.
  • An extra $30 million of funding so WorkSafe can do its job more effectively.
  • And most importantly Workers and bosses now have to work together around safety issues, safety is no longer just one persons job.

Is this going to actually keep people safe?

What do I need to do?

This is where PeopleSafe (that's us!) comes in. We have a very practical approach to safety that focuses people and keeping them safe. So let's just put the law aside for a moment and think about 3 key areas. Risks, Training & Gear.

  • Risks - Do you and your team know the big risks in your workplace and do you know how to stay safe?
  • Training - Is your team training for the work they do and the gear they use?
  • Gear - Is you gear up to scratch and working properly?

If you can answer yes to each of these, great! All you need now is a place to record it and prove that you're being safe. And even if you can't answer yes, it's still important to record this and show that you're doing your best to becoming safer. And what better way to record and be reminded about safety stuff than PeopleSafe's online safety software

If we can do really practical things around safety, firstly, it makes safety a darn sight easier, and secondly, we might end up following most of the law anyway.

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, make sure you have your say or ask questions below in the comments, see you next week.