6 Things for Small Businesses to Stay Safer

On this weeks Workshop Wednesday we are celebrating the release of our really helpful Small Business Guides for Health & Safety. 
Small businesses are what makes New Zealand tick, so we have put together 6 really helpful and practical things that, if a small business did them, would help make them safer.

So over to Hayden and Zane for "6 things for Small Businesses to Stay Safer."

We think the basics of Health and Safety can be broken down into a few simple things. Here are our top 6

  1. Learn from your mistakes - mistakes happen and people do get hurt, but its really important to learn from those mistakes, record them down, talk with your staff about them and be reminded about them so it doesn't happen again. Don't just brush it off and forget.
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  2. Work together with your staff - If safety was a sport it would be a team sport. Its really important that we work with one another so that we look out for each other. This way we can all have a say in our safety. No communication is dangerous.
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  3. Train your staff for the work they do - simple really, if you have someone doing a job or using equipment, make sure they are trained for it, and that you can prove they are trained for it. Having non-trained people is just asking for trouble.
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  4. Keep your safety stuff all in one place - Having things in your office, in your car, on the computer, at home or in your pocket means that important information can get lost really easily. By keeping it all in one place like PeopleSafe means that when you need something you know exactly where it is.
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  5. Know the big risks that jobs create - Risks are a part of everyday life, the jobs that we do have risks small or big. But rather than just going "I'll be fine, it won't happen to me." We need to be aware of the risks and make sure we are doing things to manage them so we don't get hurt.
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  6. Make sure your gear is safe - Love your gear like you love your people. make sure your gear has got the right checks that it is safe. This way you will know that when it is used that the gear is not going to cause any accidents or be a big risks to your staff.
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So there are 6 things for a small business to stay safer. 
Be sure to check out our Small Business Guides to Health and Safety which expands on this information and gives you practical advice to get you rolling with Health & Safety. And, we will be adding to these as time goes on.


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