The 10 Deadliest Jobs!

Today we have a list of the 10 Deadliest Jobs from across the world, but do they have to be deadly? Some of them you might know and some might surprise you, over to Zane and Alice

The 10 Deadliest Jobs

  • Structural Steel & Iron Workers
  • Roofers
  • Aircraft Pilots & Flight Engineers
  • Commercial Fisher-People
  • Logging Workers
  • Builders
  • Farmers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Line Mechanics & Sparkies
  • Rubbish Collectors

Deadly or just risky, whats the difference?

So we have our 10 deadliest jobs, however 10 riskiest jobs is possibly a better name for them. These jobs have a lot of risks, from heights to fatigue to big moving vehicles or machinery, power tools, really heavy things, to vast oceans, the list goes on and on. However that doesn't mean it's a bad thing, because without those risks the jobs wouldn't get done. Just imagine a roofer who couldn't work on a roof because of the height. it doesn't always make sense just to get rid of the risk.

It does make sense to create good safety plans around those risks to make them less deadly. Lets take our roofer again, having a harness and having it attached to something solid that will catch you is probably a good plan. Or the rubbish collectors, wait till the truck has fully stopped before getting on or off the back of it. Or your safety plan could simply be using the right protection and safety gear for the job, and using it properly.

It's all about how we handle the risks, the safety plans don't have to be these complex solutions that take months to think of, the best solutions are often the most simple and most practical ones that make sense. When those plans are put in place the deadliest jobs may still be risky, but become a lot less deadly.

That doesn't apply to me, I'm risk free!

Now you might be going, "This doesn't apply to me, my job is risk free." Good for you, however I highly doubt it. We may not have the risk of getting squished by a log or a stampede of sheep, but we all have risks we face, it is a normal part of life.
So we suggest you think about what you do during your day, what are the riskiest things and ask yourself: "Am I being the safe around this risk? Is there anything I can do to make myself or others safer?"

Be safe out there, watch out for each other, and thats another Workshop Wednesday, see you next week!

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