PeopleSafe® Safety Software
Fast, easy and practical ways to improve your organisations safety performance

PeopleSafe takes the hassle out of health and safety, with clever tools and simple processes to turn safety conversations into improved performance.

Everyone is connected

All workers get a PeopleSafe account and profile which gives you one place to record everything about that person. They can download the PeopleSafe Mobile App and use the StoryAnywhere function to record safety stories anywhere, anytime. They can also use the app to receive safety messages from you and view safety and emergency plans. You have a central, paperless system for staff safety records, incident reports, safety plans and much more, and it's available 24/7 securely in the cloud.

Easy to follow processes

Our Tell Your Story process is about managing the safety stories that happen in your business from start to end:

  • Workers let you know what's going on by recording safety stories as work happens

  • You are alerted as stories are submitted so you can decide what action is required

  • You review stories and trends

Real time, live data

Create health and safety plans as you decide how to manage risks.

There's no need to halt operations while you write a health and safety policy to tick the compliance box.

PeopleSafe is designed to allow you to build safety plans and procedures as work happens and safety stories occur.

This way, what you create is meaningful and actually makes a difference to how safe the work is.

  • Use our templated safety and emergency plans to record the actions you're taking to reduce risk

  • Let workers know about new plans using the Safety Messaging feature

  • App users can respond saying they've read the message, or you can book them on training