Working together with your team just got easier!


PeopleSafe Online Safety Software lets you 


Ditch the stupid manuals

We don't believe that a health and safety manual is that useful for small business.  So we don't have one!



Create safety plans

Basic, easy to use and follow processes help you focus on keeping people safe from the risks.



Send Safety Alerts

Our Cloud Based Software provides you the ability to communicate directly with staff through the Mobile App.


Know where you stand

With simple reports and dashboards it's easy to check everyone and everything is working together


Meet your duty of care

By following our basic processes you will be able to meet your duty of care. Hey you might not be perfect but you're trying!


Work together with staff

Use the Mobile App to communicate with your team. Plus they can keep you up to date with any new risks


The Online Software delivers live information straight to your team via our mobile app

With the tools your staff need right in their pocket, handbag or at least close by!  Staff make Safer Work Stories come alive with access to this clever little puppy.