Learn From Your Experiences

Everyday we learn stuff, often it's from the mistakes we make. When it comes to safety, smart people learn from their experiences. They don't want accidents to happen or people to get hurt.

In a small business you're much more connected to the work and the people, so this stuff really matters. Don't wait for tragedy to happen before you take steps to improve processes and make the work safe.

Learn from your mistakes with Tell Your Story

We've totally turned accident/incident reporting on it's head by creating a very smart process called "Tell Your Story". We've focused on turning all the Health & Safety jargon into plain English and taking a common-sense approach to recording and reviewing things that happen while doing the job. It fixes the problem of not quite knowing what you should be recording or doing. The process helps you get all the info you need to follow the law and also helps you work out how you can make things safer.

Great benefits that make it easier

  1. A step-by-step easy process
    No big learning curve, get the info you need and get the job done
  2. One click safety reports
    With one click reports you can get a good picture of what's happened
  3. Prove you're following the law
    Easily show WorkSafe NZ you're doing the right things
  4. Everything is backed up
    Don't worry about accidentally deleting something, we make sure it's backed up

Tell Your Story

PeopleSafe lets you create a central record of all the accidents, hazards, injuries and basically any story that happens as part of the work you do. We call this process "Tell Your Story". It guides you through all the questions you need to answer so you make sure you're getting all the details you need.

Some of the "smarts" included means that you can record only the information you need, saving time and trees. Plus it has automatic reminders and alerts by email and TXT messages for anyone that needs to know.

Sign up to PeopleSafe and get started

Tell Your Story is a pretty powerful feature all on it's own. As soon as you've signed up you're ready to start recording your first story. Heaps of people have told us they've begun making huge improvements to how they work because of things they've learned using this feature.

hayden lauridsen